Rupture Disk


All of the BS&B global manufacturing locations are processing and shipping orders with our supply chain of parts, raw materials, and services continuing to meet and exceed expectations. We continue to implement policies at each location to meet evolving local requirements for the protection of our employees in their work on your safety product requirements which are critical to the support of local, national and global infrastructure. Our customers have made a partnership with BS&B which all of our employees take very seriously as we attend to continuity of supply alongside the essential focus on safety and reliability which is a hallmark of BS&B.

Our global infrastructure continues to be developed with MS Teams now augmenting our already robust global communication platforms which provide seamless customer attention whether we are working at a BS&B facility or working from home to meet local conditions. Adapting to ‘low contact’ customer support still includes customer site visit capability with appropriate advance clearance for all parties.

As a reminder of BS&B’s capabilities, we are renowned for rupture disk devices, industrial explosion protection equipment, and custom engineered rupture disk devices, and additionally have a comprehensive line of relief valve, flame arrester, and tank vent products for both established and new applications.

BS&B can always be contacted through our web sites which include and

A 24/7 emergency service is always available with the following contact points…

  • North America and the Caribbean – +1 (918) 622-5950
  • South and Central America – +55 11 2084 4800
  • Europe/Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa – +353 61 484700
  • Asia Pacific and Oceania – +65 6513 9780

The BS&B global team appreciate the support of our customers and suppliers during this challenging time.