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SAF-T-PIN™ Buckling Pin Cartridge

SAF-T-PIN™ Buckling Pin Cartridge from BS&B®. Just "Push-In" and "Pull-Out". No Adjustments. No Tooling!

The "Quick-Change" Buckling Pin Cartridge significantly reduces downtime and ensures accuracy of set pressure with performance data permanently marked on the cartridge. The unique transparent cartridge protects the pin while allowing visual inspection.

The SAF-T-PIN™ Buckling Pin Cartridge is partnered with BS&B’s Buckling Pin Relief Valve (BPRV™).

BS&B’s Buckling Pin Relief Valve
  • An in-line device with high flow rate
  • Convenient external reset
  • Standard set pressures up to 275 psi
  • Special set pressures upon request
  • Damage safety ratio <1
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